Magnetic Rigid Gift Box 2022 Wholesale

We spent time and effort on researching and developing wholesale styles so as to meet the needs of different customers. The first trial series magnetic rigid gift boxes were very successful which enable and encourage us to keep full inventory.

In addition to first series of three sizes in five colors, we have now create seven new colors in three different size Magnetic Flap Gift Box. Cute and smart colors plus small change on the flap into triangle shape. This small changes in colour and shape make this new range of magnetic gift boxes stand out of regular Collapsible Gift Box wholesale market. You can use it as a Baby Keepsake Box for the lovely color design, a clothing or gift wrapping boxes as it is easy to erect, a cosmetic delivery box as it is rigid and strong.

It is for sure that this new range will be the highlight of the many wholesale collapsible boxes. Catch the attention of your buyers by first glance on your products’ packaging. That is always a good selling trick.

Series #1, Rigid magnetic gift box in 5 colors and 3 sizes

Rigid Ma
Foldable Gift Box for Wholesale

Series #2, Magnetic Collapsible gift boxes with magnetic closure in 7 colors and 3 sizes.

Magnetic Collapsible cardboard gift boxes
foldable cardboard gift boxes

Series #3, Magnetic Gift Box with Ribbon Closure in 3 colors and share 1 size

gift box with ribbon closure wholesale
Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes with Ribbon Tie