Wine Packaging Trending Now: Luxury Paper Packaging

When it comes to high-end wine packaging, you may think of leather or wooden wine boxes, but these two are expensive, occupy the space, and looks cumbersome, it is hard to win customers. Instead, it is a trend to pack wine bottles with paper packaging.

There are lots of advantages for wine industry in using paper packaging:

1. Easy way to carry and display wine bottles

2. Lower the material, labor cost during production

3. Nature packaging to effectively prevent the oxidation of wine

4. Save shipping space and freight, while focus on the printing design

5. Environmental-friendly paper materials

Paper carrier wine bags are common packaging way, made by smooth white card or recycle kraft paper with sophisticated prints, strong rope handles knotted, usually for one bottle or double bottles of wine or champagne.

Single Bottle Wine Gift Carrier Bags

For rigid wine gift box, usually containing different types of wine or with other matching goods like glass cup inside of box.

Double Bottles Rigid Wine Box With Doors

Folding wine carrier cardboard is more and more popular in recent years.Made of recycle corrugated cardboard, strong to store more bottles, easy to carrier after assembled.

3 Bottles Corrugated Cardboard Wine Carrier Box Foldable

We offer both paper bags and paper boxes in various material, shapes, with the addition of delicate print design, not only for wine packaging, also for chocolate packaging, cosmetic packaging, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any packaging solutions.

Luxury Cosmetic Packaging- All ladies will love them!

Packaging is becoming more and more important, the “packaging revolution” of major brands is proceeding quietly and rapidly.

A Research shows that: 44.66% of consumers think that most of personal care cosmetics packaging is without special features on the market. 64.08% of consumers hope that personal care cosmetics packaging can be more creative and fashionable; 95% of consumers say they are impulsive to purchase cosmetic products due to the beautiful outer packaging.

The era of visual consumption has came. Consumers are not only concerned about the functionality and practicality of the product itself, but also the visual experience and packaging texture of the product.

The creative packaging of cosmetics with a car design or a house design is coming.

House shape Cardboard Cosmetic Packaging
Special shape cosmetic packaging

The younger generation of consumers not only pay attention to the practicality and the characteristics of the product itself, but also pursue the individualization and differentiation of the product. For cosmetics, personal impression is a very important psychological factor. Through specific packaging design, consumers can feel the uniqueness, thereby increasing consumers’ stickiness to products and improving brand loyalty.

Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Box With Doors
Rigid Cosmetic Box With Lid And Drawer

As a luxury packaging factory, we would bring you high-end packaging solutions, please contact us for more.

How to Produce A Pop Up Gift Box

In China, there is an old saying that one minutes on stage takes ten years of practice. This saying is not an exaggeration when used in the production of luxury gift boxes for Paper Box Manufacturer.
You’ve seen high-class, exquisitely handmade paper gift boxes, but you haven’t necessarily seen the refinement and the delicate cooperation of the workers behind the beautiful custom product packaging!

Today we would like to introduce a promotional gift box that looks simple but has quite a few production procedures. First of all, we would like to thank our customers for their understanding of our production line, and for choosing to design this pop up gift box with anti-scratch lamination at the very begining. This decision help us to avoid scratching perfectly. For dark color overall design, we also suggest to take anti-scratch lamination into consideration at the first stage of design and quoting, by which you can save much time and trouble in production.

Pop Up Gift Box
Custom Printed Pop Up Gift Box

Let’s start with the basic construction of this custom printed pop up gift box. The box is made up of a jacket cover, a slide open box, and a pop up fitment. I’ll explain the production steps of each component one by one.

  1. The book cover. We have already introduced a fully automatic book cover machine in 2017, so book covers are a piece of cake for us.
  2. The slide open drawer box. The dimensions of this part are 305x225x15mm, which is even not easy to put your fingers inside the box. Due to special size, we have to wrap the paper manually, and flatten the edges with a pressing tooling. The same applies to the bottom part. The most difficult part of this production is the manual part of these two sections. The quality control department must make frequent inspections to check whether the pressing tool is deformed and adjust it in time when the pressing does not flatten the wrapping paper.
  3. Pop up fitment. 300gsm white card paper glued with double-adhesive tape. It is a time-consumming job to apply tape to the carton manually. However, we have automatic machine to improve this procedure now.
Custom Pop up gift box assemble line
Custom Pop up gift box assemble line

Every time we look back at the details of production, we are always impressed with the progress we have made. Just like a level-breaking game, each production increases our combat value! As a gift box manufacturer with 15 years of production experience, please trust us to provide you with a full range of custom packaging services!

The Most Dazzling Flower Tea Packaging Did Not Cost Much, And The Appearance Received A Lot Of Praise

The popular flower tea not only attracts attention because of its efficacy and product characteristics, but also attracts a lot of praise for its exquisite box packaging.

Packaging design is not only an embodiment of art, but also an interpretation of the attributes of products. The packaging design of scented tea is different from the traditional packaging design. The packaging design of scented tea pays more attention to aesthetics, especially the requirements for aesthetics of series packaging are higher. The packaging design is constantly creatively designed with the aesthetics and habits of consumers. Packaging that gives consumers a sense of comfort can stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.

The following custom packaging box is relatively simple and fresh visually, the hexagonal design increases the three-dimensional sense, and the sharp corners make the pure white package more recognizable.

Custom Tea Boxes
Luxury Flower Tea Box

This packaging is also simple, the color of the outer box and the small triangle box inside, echoing the overall beauty. The small triangular gift box gives a three-dimensional beauty.

Luxury Tea Gift Boxes
Triangular Tea Boxes

The flower tea box is more of a choice of brighter colors, giving a pleasant and refreshing feeling.The following color combination is very moderate, the box and the iron tube inside are the same color, there is a kind of overall beauty, very suitable for using as present.

Bespoke Tea Paper Boxes
Custom Gift Boxes With Inserts

For more packaging design or any box request, please feel free to send email to

Innovative Paper Packaging For Shoes

For apparels and shoes industry, paper packaging is commonly used, many luxury brands also prefer to choose paper packaging.

The basic function of paper bags or paper boxes is pack and protect products, one creative and high quality paper packaging also will protect the brands. For products that want to stand out from many competing brands, packaging is very important. Here share some interesting paper packaging for shoes.

I believe that you can exactly know what packed inside with a quick glance. One is paper bags with handles, the handle looks like shoe laces, another one is paper bags with die cut handle, it’s like you are carrying the shoes on hand instead of just a paper bag. This packaging can be packed shoes and advertised cleverly.

Paper Shopping Bags For Shoes Packaging

The shoes packaging box is interesting as well. Its triangle slide open cardboard box, the shoe laces passed through from eyelets and tied a bow, shoes will come into view once you pull the box.

Paper Box For Shoes Packaging

If you are looking for unique paper packaging for your brands, just please contact ChiefColor Packaging.

Creative Flower Gift Packaging Boxes

Over the past few years, the packaging of gift boxes has evolved continually, and flower packaging boxes have gained the hearts of many young people. There are many irreplaceable advantages when replacing the usual flower bouquets with well-made boxes. Flower boxes have become one of the most popular choices for gift-giving!

Much of the time the first impression is very important. A beautiful flower box is more likely to attract the client’s attention. Below is one black rectangle cardboard flower box. Rigid book style box with ribbon closure, with inside small gift box. Classic black color combined with fresh flowers, looks more elegant and glamorous.

Black Rectangle Cardboard Flower Box

The peak season for flower shop owner is during some holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas Day. Arranging the flowers in surprising way by packing them with flower gift box, its perfect for gifting! For this romantic round shape box, made from solid cardboard wrapped with paper pink color printed, with pink ribbon closure. When you open the door, surprised flowers on the round box, and gifts inside of the small drawer are shown in front of you!

Pink Round Flower Box With Ribbon Bowknots

Nowadays, more and more flowers are being delivered to consumers by courier, flower box with handle is the nice packaging for this requirement. Its easy to carry about, and more convenient than bouquets for delivery.

Rigid Flower Carrier Box

Chief Color Packaging, as a paper packaging factory for over 15 years, our range of packaging boxes include many great ways to present your products and brands. We would bring you high-end packaging solutions, please contact us for more details.

Have you ever seen such delectable chocolate packaging boxes

Speaking of luxury chocolate boxes, we Chief Color has developed and produced thousands of them over the years. Due to its high environmental friendliness, paper gift boxes are very popular for the outer packaging of chocolate. Everyone in the world likes chocolate. If the chocolate is beautifully wrapped, it probably makes you want to eat it more! Chocolate packaging can be useful for designers and product promotes and for being successful in achieving professional goals. In people’s imagination, most chocolate packages use the picture of chocolate on the outer box as the composition form. In fact, this is only one way of thinking in chocolate packaging design, and in the wave of international brand packaging design, more and more novel design techniques can be adopted. We believe that chocolate packaging design is more than just looking good. Through personalized packaging, it is easier to meet consumers’ aesthetics, achieve sales goals, and enhance product brand reputation in the end market.

Over the years we have developed many packaging ideas for famous chocolate brands all around the world. Today we are going to talk about the top five selling chocolate boxes.

1. Rigid heart shape gift box – the most traditional style but always popular and used as Valentine edition.

Rigid Heart Shape Gift Box For Chocolate

2. Octagonal rigid box – unique design from our Belgium customer, astonishing looking when closed and open.

printed octagonal chocolate boxes

3. Star shape gift box – a very special little box shaped like a star and with a bow. Your chocolate will be a star!

custom shaped chocolate box

4. Tree shaped rigid box with base and lid – suitable for Christmas season, now get your Christmas tree shaped boxes to celebrate your holidays!

Tree Shaped Rigid Box With Base And Lid

5. Advent calendar box with ribbon closure – designed to welcome the coming Christmas holiday which definitely full of suprises and excitement by tearing up one piece and counting down till the holiday approach.

Advent Calendar Box With Ribbon Closure

In today’s competitive modern retail market, you only get one chance to make a first impression. An eye-catching packaging design will make that first impression creative and memorable, quickly capturing the consumer’s attention. Unique logos, unusual shapes, bright colors, eye-catching text and textures are the elements that usually get the consumer’s attention. So in this day and age, it is important to have your own distinctive packaging solutions for your brand.