How to control glue from spreading out when assembling hinged lid style box?

How to control glue from spreading out when assembling a rigid hinged lid box or a Book Shaped Paper Calendar Box that required large space of glue applying?

Here we would like to show you our “weapon” – Glue line draw machine. Attached the vedio to show one part of how it works for one of our 2018 Beauty Advent Calendar Gift Box Below video are using for testing, the actual production line were far more speed and well organized.

To draw a frame, it is not that easy to require every worker to keep the line straight or control the glue amount. To be honest, it is impossible to achieve that by hand. While this machine can make it. We use machine to draw most difficult “frame”, and manually cross glue in the middle which can enhance the efficiency. See below video:

What we need to do is set up the drawing route and the glue amount and put the paper jacket on the machine. Press the start button every time when we change a new paper jacket. Easy to control.

I am not going to sell you the machine. I am telling you that how flexible we are when making hinged lid gift box, luxury clamshell box or fold flat boxes with folding tray. The small equipment ensure glue amount and avoid glue spreading out. We were well taught that glue is our friend but also our enemy. We have the nice tool to make glue to be our friend all the time!

We are making all kinds of advent calendar gift boxes, and the most cost effective on the market now are fold flat pack gift boxes. From production line to loading bay, we pay very much attention on the detail and improve our skill every single day. It is a great satisfaction to hear the “wow” from Client when they received the gift boxes we made.

Chiefcolor packaging production line
From production line to loading bay for beauty advent calender boxes.

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