How Much Do You Know About The Style Of The Foldable Box?

Speaking of Rigid foldable boxes, the first reaction of many people is a foldable carton. Folding is indeed one of the biggest advantages of the foldable boxes. Because it is not only convenient for storage, but also can save a lot of freight during transportation.

However, the foldable box is not only one construction, it can also be changed in many ways. Today, let us introduce the more common foldable box styles.

1. Conventional printed foldable box.

This is the foldable box style that most customers prefer. It is the most common practice. It is also a cheaper method in foldable boxes

Printed Foldable Boxes With Magnet Closure

2. Custom foldable remote bottom adhesive box

If the height of the box is larger than 1/2 of the box length, we will recommend customer to change the box to folded sideway style. Otherwise, the two side panels are easy to overlap when box is packed flat.

Foldabe Remote Bottom Adhesive Box

3. Luxury foldable box without double-sided tapes

Sometimes customers want their folding boxes to be reused. At this time, the following foldable box construction is a very suitable choice.

Bespoke Foldable Boxes Without Double-sided Tapes

4. Custom foldable box with extra flap

Add a little feature on the basis of ordinary folding boxes. Just like one more flap to get the box stuck well and make your box more distinctive.

Foldable Box With Extra Flap

The styles of folding boxes are not limited to these. Today we list the more common ones. Welcome to provide us with more folding box types.

The Most Dazzling Flower Tea Packaging Did Not Cost Much, And The Appearance Received A Lot Of Praise

The popular flower tea not only attracts attention because of its efficacy and product characteristics, but also attracts a lot of praise for its exquisite box packaging.

Packaging design is not only an embodiment of art, but also an interpretation of the attributes of products. The packaging design of scented tea is different from the traditional packaging design. The packaging design of scented tea pays more attention to aesthetics, especially the requirements for aesthetics of series packaging are higher. The packaging design is constantly creatively designed with the aesthetics and habits of consumers. Packaging that gives consumers a sense of comfort can stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.

The following custom packaging box is relatively simple and fresh visually, the hexagonal design increases the three-dimensional sense, and the sharp corners make the pure white package more recognizable.

Custom Tea Boxes
Luxury Flower Tea Box

This packaging is also simple, the color of the outer box and the small triangle box inside, echoing the overall beauty. The small triangular gift box gives a three-dimensional beauty.

Luxury Tea Gift Boxes
Triangular Tea Boxes

The flower tea box is more of a choice of brighter colors, giving a pleasant and refreshing feeling.The following color combination is very moderate, the box and the iron tube inside are the same color, there is a kind of overall beauty, very suitable for using as present.

Bespoke Tea Paper Boxes
Custom Gift Boxes With Inserts

For more packaging design or any box request, please feel free to send email to