How to handle magnets when making a magnetic gift box?

An ordinary magnetic gift box usually has components jacket and tray. And there are some key elements: magnet and iron.

How to place magnets for each custom printed Magnetic Closure Box

One ordinary foldable magnetic closure box will have 2 or 3 sets magnets and iron plates. That counts 4 or 6 holes, even more. We have produced a large collapsible storage box with 14 holes for all magnets and iron plates. It is really time-consuming to place the elements into each hole manually in the past. As technology improved, we can now using semi-automatic magnets applying machine to save much time and job.

We have two sets of this super machine to apply magnets so as to enhance our production effect and cut the manual cost. We can set up 3 holes at the same time as long as the holes are all in same horizontal lines. You may be worried about that if the plates or irons drop out during handling? No need to worry, there is jelly glue dots applied to the back of each magnets and iron slices when placing magnets and iron to a jacket which was pre-wrapped with outer paper. 

As a professional gift box manufacturer, We are competitive in foldable magnetic boxes. We are producing all kind of luxury and rigid boxes with jackets and magnets, foldable rigid boxes, plus size collpasible boxes, hinged lid magnetic box.

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