Applying Adhesive Tape for Rigid Fold Flat Box


There is an old saying in China that says: sharpening the knife does not mistake the woodworker.

To be more professional, more finer and more competitive in producing the premium foldable rigid box, a series of efficient machines and equipment can do more with less. Plus skilled manual, we believe that our production line will make you stunned!

There is an important procedure for every Rigid Fold Flat Gift Box. That is applying adhesive tapes. In the past, this was done by manuals and it was time consuming job. Now we have adhesive tape applicator. We can apply adhesive tapes to side panels precisely and neatly with the speed of 10000pcs per day. The time we save enable us to cut the cost sharply for a Magnetic Flap Box. See how we enhance efficiency on applying adhesive tapes by the video below.

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Chiefcolor Production Line- Applying adhesive tapes on side panels for magnetic fold flat gift boxes.