Custom Takeaway Packaging For Your Brand Image

Take-Out Service has an unshakable position in this fast-paced era.

How to attract customers to order takeaway has become one of main goal for catering industry. Catering supplier start to pay attention to packaging for take-out, in order to give customers a satisfying eating experience, make more guests are returning back.

Plastic boxes packaging were commonly used in take-out food previously. Nowadays, eco-friendly food packaging is particularly important for food business. Paper carton packaging not only conforms to environmental concepts, also easy to attract customers through printing packaging designs. The paper can be food-grade, and printing can use the bean soy oil.

Below is an interesting design, called the one-handed hamburger takeout package, was created by designer Seulbi Kim. This takeout lunch box only needs one paper box to pack all the burgers, fried chicken, and fries.

Creative Takeout Packaging

These are some restaurants that specializes in sushi takeout. The main packaging way is folding carton, one also with paper carrier bags. Unique colors and creative designs to fit their own brands.

Sushi Folding Cartons Packaging

Takeaway boxes are not only a kind of packaging, but also a representative of the advertising and quality of their own food products.

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