Choose Your Suitable Advent Calendar

Everyone loves the Christmas advent calendar. Opening a door each day, getting a little present and counting down the days until Christmas are getting shorter and shorter are 100% fun. Very often, the prize inside is chocolate. Of course, more and more people are going to collect and buy food, beauty, fragrances as well as drinks. For them, what’s inside the calendar box is an afterthought; it’s more about anticipation and suspense than the sub-standard goodies inside.

Christmas Paper Packaging
Christmas Paper Packaging

Over the years, more than a few luxury chocolate makers have set out to create stunning calendars that can be used both as festive decorations and as early gifts for your loved ones. Whether you are looking for a calendar to share with your children, to give as a gift or simply as an end of year prize for yourself, you can take a look at below chocolate advent calendars. Remember that there is no better way to start the day than with a cup of coffee and a bite of chocolate!

Chocolate Advent Calendar

Wine lovers often opt for the seemingly traditional wine advent calendar with an adult twist: it contains 24 bottles of wine from around the world to make a splash. Sometimes there is not only wine inside, but also matching glasses, coasters and tasting notes for you to enjoy.

Wine Advent Calendar

Just in case you’re looking for a more soothing side, why not buy a tea full of all sorts of deliciousness? The festive season is all about getting cosy, and what better accessory to a crackling fire or blanket than a warm cup of tea? There are so many unique tea calendars out there, no matter how you take your tea tea bags or loose leaves, crisp mint or dreamy gingerbread, and obviously matcha.

Tea Advent Calendar

Speaking of calendar boxes, beauty advent calendars are undoubtedly one of the essential ones. If you’ve never indulged in a beauty calendar, then the next few years could well be the time to do so. In recent years, the beauty calendar has grown from a nice, but puny treat to a behemoth of a category, with every big beauty brand creating its own products. So, what’s the appeal? Actually, it’s twofold. Firstly, there’s the joy of unwrapping a hair, skin or make-up surprise every day throughout December – and an unexpected bath oil is the perfect tonic in the manic festive zoom phone schedule. Then there’s the savings: the best beauty calendars are packed with quality products, often for a fraction of the cost. They really are the best way to discover a huge range of new launches and iconic classics.

Beauty Advent calendars