Magnetic Rigid Gift Box 2022 Wholesale

We spent time and effort on researching and developing wholesale styles so as to meet the needs of different customers. The first trial series magnetic rigid gift boxes were very successful which enable and encourage us to keep full inventory.

In addition to first series of three sizes in five colors, we have now create seven new colors in three different size Magnetic Flap Gift Box. Cute and smart colors plus small change on the flap into triangle shape. This small changes in colour and shape make this new range of magnetic gift boxes stand out of regular Collapsible Gift Box wholesale market. You can use it as a Baby Keepsake Box for the lovely color design, a clothing or gift wrapping boxes as it is easy to erect, a cosmetic delivery box as it is rigid and strong.

It is for sure that this new range will be the highlight of the many wholesale collapsible boxes. Catch the attention of your buyers by first glance on your products’ packaging. That is always a good selling trick.

Series #1, Rigid magnetic gift box in 5 colors and 3 sizes

Rigid Ma
Foldable Gift Box for Wholesale

Series #2, Magnetic Collapsible gift boxes with magnetic closure in 7 colors and 3 sizes.

Magnetic Collapsible cardboard gift boxes
foldable cardboard gift boxes

Series #3, Magnetic Gift Box with Ribbon Closure in 3 colors and share 1 size

gift box with ribbon closure wholesale
Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes with Ribbon Tie

More Effective Way to Assemble a Foldable Cardboard Box

Foldable cardboard gift box are very popular type of box. This type of box is not only flexible in design but also easy to carry and assemble. Especially it saves a lot of volume in store and transportation.

A traditional way of assemble a magnetic foldable box is to glue side-panel before applying jacket liner. After that we need to apply the liner manually which make production line a little bit awkward. However this is only necessary when the inside bottom have special graphic to display. We can enhance the efficiency and cut the cost by improve this procedure if there is no special graphic in the inside.

magnetic foldable cardboard box
Two method of side panel assembling for magnetic foldable cardboard box

As you can check, our automatic machine can wrapped the jacket cover and liner perfectly and automatically. So without disturbing jacket wrapping, we glue the side panel to a double-sided pre-wrapped jacket. What we need to focus on is speeding up manual gluing side panels to jacket. When we get a foldable cardboard box inquiry, we will offer prices for this cost effective packaging solution. You can see the slightly difference between above two photos.

Our workers are well trained in this assemble procedures. It is really thrilling to see our guys quickly assemble side panels for each luxury foldable cardboard box. We really enjoy our daily magic show in our workshop.

Luxury Foldable Cardboard Box Assemble Line
Side Panel Assemble Line

Applying Adhesive Tape for Rigid Fold Flat Box


There is an old saying in China that says: sharpening the knife does not mistake the woodworker.

To be more professional, more finer and more competitive in producing the premium foldable rigid box, a series of efficient machines and equipment can do more with less. Plus skilled manual, we believe that our production line will make you stunned!

There is an important procedure for every Rigid Fold Flat Gift Box. That is applying adhesive tapes. In the past, this was done by manuals and it was time consuming job. Now we have adhesive tape applicator. We can apply adhesive tapes to side panels precisely and neatly with the speed of 10000pcs per day. The time we save enable us to cut the cost sharply for a Magnetic Flap Box. See how we enhance efficiency on applying adhesive tapes by the video below.

Are you sourcing for a competitive supplier of Magnetic Fold Flat Gift Box, please contact us at for a great solution and offer!

Chiefcolor Production Line- Applying adhesive tapes on side panels for magnetic fold flat gift boxes.

How to control glue from spreading out when assembling hinged lid style box?

How to control glue from spreading out when assembling a rigid hinged lid box or a Book Shaped Paper Calendar Box that required large space of glue applying?

Here we would like to show you our “weapon” – Glue line draw machine. Attached the vedio to show one part of how it works for one of our 2018 Beauty Advent Calendar Gift Box Below video are using for testing, the actual production line were far more speed and well organized.

To draw a frame, it is not that easy to require every worker to keep the line straight or control the glue amount. To be honest, it is impossible to achieve that by hand. While this machine can make it. We use machine to draw most difficult “frame”, and manually cross glue in the middle which can enhance the efficiency. See below video:

What we need to do is set up the drawing route and the glue amount and put the paper jacket on the machine. Press the start button every time when we change a new paper jacket. Easy to control.

I am not going to sell you the machine. I am telling you that how flexible we are when making hinged lid gift box, luxury clamshell box or fold flat boxes with folding tray. The small equipment ensure glue amount and avoid glue spreading out. We were well taught that glue is our friend but also our enemy. We have the nice tool to make glue to be our friend all the time!

We are making all kinds of advent calendar gift boxes, and the most cost effective on the market now are fold flat pack gift boxes. From production line to loading bay, we pay very much attention on the detail and improve our skill every single day. It is a great satisfaction to hear the “wow” from Client when they received the gift boxes we made.

Chiefcolor packaging production line
From production line to loading bay for beauty advent calender boxes.

Custom Easter Packaging Solutions

Today’s Easter eggs have rarely been dyed with raw eggs, and more are the chocolate eggs that everyone sees in the supermarket. Some families will also buy some chocolate eggs specially, hide them in various places in the house, let the children search for eggs in the way of treasure hunt, find it is yours!  How fun it is!

Now we also see in Easter, there are many people on the street wearing rabbit costumes and distributing gifts to everyone. It feels like Santa Claus gives gifts to everyone when Christmas.

To cater these fashion, the design of Easter packaging gift boxes are always connected with rabbit and eggs. Please find below some interested idea of some custom printed gift boxes. We are flexible and professional in producing all kinds of custom printed Easter packaging.

1. Folding carton box with window. The classic packaging for Easter Eggs. Window shapes can be varied as to your topic. Oval window easter box, bunny shape window easter packaging etc. This custom designed Easter folding box with handle and window is the most popular and cost-effective option for easter pacakging.

Easter Chococlate Egg Holder
Custom Trendy Easter Egg Gift Box

2. Rigid Set-up Box. With custom printed design and flexibility of material, we can create all kinds of shape to hold your easter chocolate eggs or candy eggs. From chicken style, oval style, book shape style. All personalized for Easter holiday. Please enjoy vision feast of easter holiday gift boxes:

Eater Holiday Egg Shaped Gift Box
Luxury Book Shape Easter Gift Box with Ribbon
Easter Party Chick Chocolate Egg Holder
Paper Gift Box Manufacturer
Oval Shape Easter Egg Insert
Chocolate and Candy Egg Holder Insert

3. Oval Shape Easter Egg Holder, clear PET cover to display the chocolate inside.

Oval Shape Eater Gift Box

Easter eggs are meant to bring happiness to people – it is true! These eggs are beautiful and decorative, with the promote of creative Custom Easter gift boxes for those egges, they represent people’s good wishes and share the joy of seasonal change.

Are you preparing for your 2021 Easter celebration? Need any assistance for paper packaging solutions and advice, please feel free to contact us.

What we care about when producing a chocolate gift box?

What we care about when producing a chocolate gift box?

Being in paper packaging business for more than 15 years, we have been serving many famous chocolate brands. We produce chocolate gift boxes, cake boxes, ballotins, bakery trays, chocolate bags with various designs. Lindt is one of the famous brands that we are serving. 

For luxury foodgrade packaging, what matters the most? What we care about when producing a chocolate gift box?

Custom printed luxury chocolate box
Custom printed luxury chocolate box

First of all, the paper material should be food grade. The paper material, the printing ink, varnishing ink etc. all need to be food grade. Foodgrade material is more expensive than regular paper. We use soybean oil ink, foodgrade lamination, waterbase varnishing ink etc. All the fundamental elements were required to create a foodgrade box.

Luxury Foodgrade Packaging

Secondly, the environment of producing the chocolate boxes should be clean. Custom printed luxury chocolate box is at an high end market level. Many end buyers purchase the custom boxes by themselves. They have high standard requirement for the environment that produced the boxes of chocolate and sweets. We were SA8000 certified and ISO9001&ISO14001 audited. We aim to produce clean and affordable luxury chocolate boxes.

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Our folding carton assemble workshop


How to handle magnets when making a magnetic gift box?

An ordinary magnetic gift box usually has components jacket and tray. And there are some key elements: magnet and iron.

How to place magnets for each custom printed Magnetic Closure Box

One ordinary foldable magnetic closure box will have 2 or 3 sets magnets and iron plates. That counts 4 or 6 holes, even more. We have produced a large collapsible storage box with 14 holes for all magnets and iron plates. It is really time-consuming to place the elements into each hole manually in the past. As technology improved, we can now using semi-automatic magnets applying machine to save much time and job.

We have two sets of this super machine to apply magnets so as to enhance our production effect and cut the manual cost. We can set up 3 holes at the same time as long as the holes are all in same horizontal lines. You may be worried about that if the plates or irons drop out during handling? No need to worry, there is jelly glue dots applied to the back of each magnets and iron slices when placing magnets and iron to a jacket which was pre-wrapped with outer paper. 

As a professional gift box manufacturer, We are competitive in foldable magnetic boxes. We are producing all kind of luxury and rigid boxes with jackets and magnets, foldable rigid boxes, plus size collpasible boxes, hinged lid magnetic box.

Please feel free to contact us for your premium packaging projects. Our aim is to supplement your supply chain and help you to grap the business opportunity beyond your current sourcing. Contact us now by and our sales team will offer you best service.

Assemble Line for Rigid Foldable Box

Fully automatic production line for foldable gift boxes.

Currently, no matter importer or exporters are suffering a lot from the soaring shipping freight. Thus in packaging business, client tent to adopt packaging solutions that do not take up space and save shipping cost. Rigid foldable boxes are now an ordinary style among luxury paper packaging.

Are you sourcing for collapsible rigid gift boxes for a while? Are you confused about the construction? We are here to share you our knowleadge of all kind of rigid foldable boxes. Below are ordinary foldable style that we are producing over years.

Rigid foldable boxes

Are you looking for a more competitive manufacturer of magnetic foldable boxes? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. As we believed that we can supplement your supply chain in luxury paper packaging projects.

Scatole rigida abbattibile, scatola con calamite

Round Gift Boxes Around Us

Buddhism believes that the round is full and perfect, it is the most beautiful figure in reality.

In life, we often see the use of some “circles”, round arches, round windows, round tables, and even a variety of round objects, the beauty and charm of the circle, have been applied to the products by the designers.

From the perspective of aesthetics, the circle represents movement, stretch, smoothness, softness, turn, liveliness, harmony, perfection, and contains a rich sense of beauty.

In the packaging industry, the application of the circle is also very extensive. The most intuitive application is our common round box. From the material point of view, there are plastic round boxes, metal tin boxes, paper tube round boxes. Classified from the style, there are beading edges round box, hand-made round box with flat edges.

Our company mainly produces paper gift boxes, so the “circle” application is on the round gift box. From the large hat gift box to the small incense gift box. Here is a brief introduction for the round box styles:

1. Cylinder box with curling edges. We called it beading edged Cylinder box which is made by machine. Most of these paper cycliner boxes are equipped with abrasive tools. This is very common cylinders. The round tube that can be made from the reel mold is stable in shape.  This box is generally not very big in size. Because any mold is expensive. If you could not find the exisiting mold to make your tube, you will need to pay one thousand dollars for a new size mold. Most of our existing round tubes are porpular used for tea cans, gifts, perfume bottles, etc. The following pictures are for your reference: Waterford Holiday Heirlooms Box

Cylinder Gift Box Round Candle Gift Box

2. Round Gift Box, flat edge. Due to the size and quantity limitations, this type of box is mostly hand-embedded. The falt edges should be wrapped manually and pressing by machine. Below the video to show you how we press the wrapping paper to make sure there is no empty space between glue and paper (bubble). Of course, if the quantity is more than more than 100K, a mold will save cost and make sure every box with good round shape.

Manually Set-up Paper Hat Boxes for chocolate, check our custom chocolate gift box in round shape.

Luxury Custom Round Gift Box Handmade

3. Cylinder box with metal lid or plastic lid.

Round Gift Box with Tinplate Lid and Base

Eco-friendly paper tubes, paper cyliner boxes, round gift boxes

Kraft Cylinder Gift Box

Custom Takeaway Packaging For Your Brand Image

Take-Out Service has an unshakable position in this fast-paced era.

How to attract customers to order takeaway has become one of main goal for catering industry. Catering supplier start to pay attention to packaging for take-out, in order to give customers a satisfying eating experience, make more guests are returning back.

Plastic boxes packaging were commonly used in take-out food previously. Nowadays, eco-friendly food packaging is particularly important for food business. Paper carton packaging not only conforms to environmental concepts, also easy to attract customers through printing packaging designs. The paper can be food-grade, and printing can use the bean soy oil.

Below is an interesting design, called the one-handed hamburger takeout package, was created by designer Seulbi Kim. This takeout lunch box only needs one paper box to pack all the burgers, fried chicken, and fries.

Creative Takeout Packaging

These are some restaurants that specializes in sushi takeout. The main packaging way is folding carton, one also with paper carrier bags. Unique colors and creative designs to fit their own brands.

Sushi Folding Cartons Packaging

Takeaway boxes are not only a kind of packaging, but also a representative of the advertising and quality of their own food products.

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