Innovative Paper Packaging For Shoes

For apparels and shoes industry, paper packaging is commonly used, many luxury brands also prefer to choose paper packaging.

The basic function of paper bags or paper boxes is pack and protect products, one creative and high quality paper packaging also will protect the brands. For products that want to stand out from many competing brands, packaging is very important. Here share some interesting paper packaging for shoes.

I believe that you can exactly know what packed inside with a quick glance. One is paper bags with handles, the handle looks like shoe laces, another one is paper bags with die cut handle, it’s like you are carrying the shoes on hand instead of just a paper bag. This packaging can be packed shoes and advertised cleverly.

Paper Shopping Bags For Shoes Packaging

The shoes packaging box is interesting as well. Its triangle slide open cardboard box, the shoe laces passed through from eyelets and tied a bow, shoes will come into view once you pull the box.

Paper Box For Shoes Packaging

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